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Ramadan Blessings - Jannah Dixione (QI- 2015)

An inspirational revert sister's story

Here is a story which happened during Ramadan 2010 as a blessing from Allah and a sign for those who believe.

Why sharing this story?

My name is Jannah, I am a revert to Islam from France for little more than two years now. I wished to share the unique experience I went through the first year of my reversion to Islam. I have been so affected by this incident that my whole perspective of life changed and my heart turned to Allah. May this story touch your heart as it was able to touch mine and allows you to increase in Iman. Ameen.

This is the story of Julie

I met Julie for the first time in May 2010 in Australia where I was leaving with my husband.  I believe the decree of Allah was for me to become deeply attached to her from our first meeting. We do not truly choose our friends but Allah’s plan is always perfect. When I first invited Julie to share dinner at my place I did not expect anything else than having a nice time with a French girl living in Australia like me. I was indeed really lonely and I took the opportunity to meet her even though she was not Muslim. My faith was very new and still weak mainly because of lack of knowledge.

What comes next, astonished me!

After talking to her for a few minutes I announced her that my French name was in, reality Julie, just like hers. I explained to her about my decision to change my name to Jannah  when I became a Muslim. This left her totally surprised when she realized that we had the same first name!

After few more minutes we also realized that we had exactly the same age… we then discovered that our family background were similar (parents divorced and ‘me’- a lonely child)

We also found out that both our mothers were called Dominique!!!- Subhanallah!

I remember her sitting back in the sofa and looking at me, her eyes full of tears…

Now, we both knew that we were meant to meet each other! She could have been me and I could have been her! SubbhanaAllah!

She informed me that she was sitting in front of me; seeking for help. She told me that she had recently found out that she was suffering from skin cancer and that her life span was for only 1 year (according to the doctors…)

 I could not believe what I had just heard! But what surprised me more was when she asked me to teach her about Islam.

I stood up and grabbed the translation of Quran in French that I had. I really felt deprived at that time as my knowledge was so limited. That is where I also secretly decided that I have to study this religion and Allah’s book.

I invited her to join me to the Islamic class that was held in the Gold Coast Mosque every Saturday. This way she could ask question the Imam who was teaching there anything she wanted to know. She attended two classes, and stopped- but I believe that Allah had other plans, those which we never expected.

Our journey as very good friends continued and I remember her calling me very often to talk about Islam with me. As days went by, her eagerness to learn about Islam also grew. For the next two months we both stayed very close. She was now preparing to leave this world-

She closed all her bank accounts and other things that were required. At the same time the visits to the doctors continued and we finalized paperwork in the hospital as well….

She needed me and like a good friend I tried to stand beside her as much as I could.

I remember when she was became more weak, we used to gather at her place, eat sushi and ponder upon the beauty of nature, sitting in her balcony. Our minds were on the same line and I could feel her emotions all the time.

One day she gave me the translation of the Qur’an back, (which I given her earlier thinking Quran, would do its job!!) She smiled with no conviction in her heart. I remember being so sad and upset with myself, to not have been able to show her the truth. But Allah had planned something even better for us

In July she told me that she was getting married, I was invited to her wedding! All her family were invited.  She organised a simple ceremony with the only French pastor she found in town.

Deep in my heart, I was always praying for her, to become a Muslim but this was again part of the plan by Allah.

After her wedding Julie travelled for her honey moon. And I got busy with the approaching Ramadan.

I turned to Allah tried my best to focus on my ibadah. I remember making a lot of dua for her- for her hidayah. During that Ramadan she continuously stayed in my mind. When I would recite the Quran, and come across any ayah of hidayah or anything which would remind me of her, I would send it to her through email. But I never received a reply.

One day I woke early, up with a phone ring. It was Jolie’s husband. My heart skipped a beat and prayed that I hope all is well-Inshallah. He informed me that Julie is very sick; she is admitted to the hospital. He also told me that she had read all my emails and that she was now ready to become a Muslim!

My duas were about to be answered!

When I entered her hospital room, I almost chocked to see how the doctors had wrapped all her body in white. The tumors had spread all over her body that even her head was covered with a white bandage. I was told she had very little time now. I could not recognize her at all… it was hard to believe that in few weeks she had become so affected. When she saw me, she smiled at me and asked me “how do you become a Muslim?” I tried hold my tears and tried to explain her about the shahada (following the instructions given to me earlier by the Imam).she was ready! Yes, she was ready to repeat the shahada after me!

She struggled a lot and stopped at almost every word… the drugs were not helping her to stay awake for long… But with a lot of effort, from her, she did become Muslim! I was myself exhausted and crying. She then asked me; “Are you sure I am Muslim?” this is where; I understood that she had truly accepted the truth! Allahu Akbar!

We were asked to leave her as the doctors informed us that her brain was also affected. I decided to come back the next day, to inform her all about Ramadan and it’s blessings. But sadly, there was no next day for her!

Julie passed away two days after becoming Muslim… Her husband stayed beside her until the last beat of her heart. She had a strange but a very beautiful smile on the face No one in the hospital could believe that a patient whose brain was so affected could be smiling that way. Allah had the best plan for her!

She lay there, eyes closed, as if she was only sleeping, like a new born baby… Completely covered with white bandage, lying on this hospital bed, waiting to meet her Lord…

All part of Allah’s plan. SubhanAllah!

May Allah increases all the Mulsimeen in Iman and grant all of us Paradise.


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