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 Life is a journey towards Allah

Quran Intensive

Understand the divine words of The Creator. Quran is life changing- only if we know what is being said, and how does it apply to our life in today's world.

Recite,  Comprehend,  Apply

Arabic Intensive

Quranic Arabic is the most eloquent of all languages. This course is aimed at your individual learning level. Choose the right Level, and begin a mesmerising journey to understand and Learn The Quran -in the language it was revealed!

Deen Intensive

Understanding the fundamentals of Deen is mandated on all muslims.

Every act of worship (Ibaadah) has a core essence which is the spirit of the whole ibaadah itself.

Al Misbaah focuses on the spiritual approach to these acts of Worship.

why you should take this journey

Remember that time you were sitting at the top of the slide in the park, for the very first time?
You sat there for a while just waiting, a little bit scared but excited too. You didn’t want to slide down just yet because you weren’t too sure about this ride. Because you had climbed all the way up the ladder, and all the other kids did seem to be enjoying themselves, so why not give it a go?
So you did exactly that, and it was the biggest thrill of your life!
That is a memory etched forever.

And that breathtaking sunrise? The one you witnessed from your window while the whole world was asleep? Wasn’t it amazing? So peaceful, so serene, so quiet and beautiful… and as the sky slowly filled up with light and the darkness melted away behind the warmth of the sun, you simply couldn’t pull your eyes away… Remember that?
That was an experience etched forever.

Studying Quran is a Journey like no other- It is a journey towards the Creator, overwhelmed in awe and enveloped in incredible emotion of love, servitude and submission.

Start yours today


من يرد الله به خيرًا يفقه في الدين

When Allah wishes good for someone, He bestows upon him the understanding of Deen."

(Bukhari & Muslim)

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