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Join us in this enlightened space, where your reflections find a home, your expressions are valued, and your journey with the Quran is celebrated!

The Heart of the Matter- by Salma Shahnawaz (QI-2016)

Reflections on Surah Nahl

“Duty makes us do something well, while love makes us do it beautifully.”

This was a quote in a calendar on my desk, a few days after the Salah workshop had finished, and it’s something I’ve read before but only truly appreciated now. 

We take Salah as a duty – الحمد لله; we do it because we have to. But in doing so, the movements become monotonous and the actions become robotic. The rituals and sayings have become so engraved in our brains that we don’t even have to be conscious about them anymore. Hence, we go through the whole Salah in a zombie-like state, our mind preoccupied with ‘more important’ things.

The Salah workshop that was conducted at Al-Misbaah had a unique approach. Instead of focusing on just the actions of Salah (that most of us were expecting), the teacher focused on getting the essence of Salah back – ‘khushoo’.

In a previous Salah workshop I attended, there was a similar concept. We were taught to understand the du’as and relate them to our lives, but in this workshop, she spent an intense amount of time laying the groundwork first – what good is understanding if you’re not going to relate it back to the One that matters?

The objective of this workshop was to develop our relationship with Allah based on love, helping us get to know Him better. So that hopefully, by the end of it all, Salah will not become something we have todo, but we want to do.

Subhan’Allah (سبحان الله) the timing of the workshop was so perfect, as it coincided with the amazing ayahs of Surah Nahl that we were doing in Tafseer during this week as well. Surah Nahl reinstated the love of Allah and recognition of our Rabb through His creation.

When you love someone, you wait for their call. You are anxious to talk to them and you are willing to do everything for them in the most beautiful manner. Hence, if we love Allah as we are meant to love Him, then we will be eager to answer the call to prayer and we will want to perform it in the most Ahsan (excellent) manner.

It was reassuring to know that I alone do not from lack of khushoo’. It was encouraging to be told that if Shaytan comes to us in Salah, it’s because he only steals from the rich! This motivated me to do as much jihad (struggle) as possible when it comes to the most important meeting.

While I am far from attaining that level, I am so grateful for the opportunity that Allah provided us with; to better ourselves when we are talking to Him. We need to remind ourselves to remain focused when our mind wanders, and to know that in all our struggles lays great reward.

It doesn’t matter if we fall down, what matters is that we get up again. What matters is that we try…and keep on trying.

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