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Welcome to Al Misbaah Students' Blog, an open sanctuary where your thoughts, reflections, and personal journey with the Quran find their voice. Here, we invite you to share the depth of your feelings, insights, and experiences as you engage with the sacred text.

This blog is your canvas—a space where every emotion, realization, and contemplation inspired by the Quran can be articulated freely and respectfully. We encourage you to pour your heart onto these digital pages, expressing what the Quran means to you personally.

Your contributions, whether profound or poignant, joyous or thought-provoking, are the threads that weave our collective tapestry of understanding and connection. Let this be a platform where your voice resonates, where your thoughts are cherished, and where your journey enriches the broader discourse on Quranic study.

Join us in this enlightened space, where your reflections find a home, your expressions are valued, and your journey with the Quran is celebrated!

The first day of my life- Jannah Dixione (QI-2015)

How I enetered Islam

In order to understand why I embraced Islam, you need to know some details about my life background…

How was my life before Islam?

I was born in France in a Christian family in Toulouse, South West of France in 1985. At the age of five, I witnessed my parents’ divorce. It was decided that my mother would take care of me as I was a lonely child.  However, I kept visiting my father, sometimes traveling for more than 600kms, almost on my own. Due to such experiences, I never learnt anything else than to be a courageous girl who could face the struggle of life on her own and make her parents proud. I grew up and eventually became what my parents wanted for me: I graduated from a Parisian Business School, studied Japanese language, acquired a position of marketing manager for a well-known company and travelled all over the world! Despite all that I was achieving, I remember never feeling satisfied… Something was clearly missing in my life.

All “my successes” were pushing me to go forward and I guess with each passing day I was trying to fulfill the need of self-recognition.  But deep down in my heart, I remained extremely affected by my challenged childhood and I knew that I was not entirely myself. I was just trying to fit into the image my family and the people around me wanted me to have. I always have been a very shy person. I used to blush for no reason and be the quiet one but I changed myself, because in the world where I was living, this image was not popular enough.

How did I discover to Islam?

Even though I was a Christian, faith was not part of my life and I never looked at any religion with interest. I never realized that this was the reason of my unwell-being. In 2007, I accepted a two years mission in Dubai and this is when the interest for Islam grew in my heart. Initially, I had very little time to spare for research about Islam as my work required a lot of time and dedication. However, Islam did seem very attractive because I could now witness with my own eyes that all that I had been told in France about Muslims was wrong. The smile on the Muslim ladies’ faces and their peaceful walk towards the prayer room… I never thought that Muslims could pray and yet still have time to shop, socialize and have a life with all its normal routines. The reality was in front of my eyes now but my heart was still not affected…

But one day, the call of the Athan moved my heart so strongly that I felt like losing the armor that I always tried to tie around me. I could not lie to myself again… I decided to be “ME”.

I called the only Muslim friend I had and ask her about a place where I could learn about Islam. I was directed to join a class on Friday morning in Karama mosque. On entering the mosque, I found a group of Filipino girls sitting around an elderly sister. All of them welcomed me so warmly that I immediately felt at peace. I quickly realized that all of the sisters there had humble conditions, most of them working as maids. One of them gave me a two hour lecture that, to be honest, I did not understand at all. I remained patient, sitting in front of her and observing the movements of her lips trying to get the meaning of her words.

She finally asked me if I wanted to become Muslim, and my answer was straight forward: “YES!” Only Allah knows why I took this decision… I would be happy to say because the 5 pillars of Islam made sense to me but it wasn’t that… I guess my destiny was to become Muslim on that same day.  Allahu Akbar!

After pronouncing my shahada, tears ran down my face and all the sisters came to hug me… I’ll never forget this day which remains embedded in my heart, as if it was the first day of my life.

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