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Welcome to Al Misbaah Students' Blog, an open sanctuary where your thoughts, reflections, and personal journey with the Quran find their voice. Here, we invite you to share the depth of your feelings, insights, and experiences as you engage with the sacred text.

This blog is your canvas—a space where every emotion, realization, and contemplation inspired by the Quran can be articulated freely and respectfully. We encourage you to pour your heart onto these digital pages, expressing what the Quran means to you personally.

Your contributions, whether profound or poignant, joyous or thought-provoking, are the threads that weave our collective tapestry of understanding and connection. Let this be a platform where your voice resonates, where your thoughts are cherished, and where your journey enriches the broader discourse on Quranic study.

Join us in this enlightened space, where your reflections find a home, your expressions are valued, and your journey with the Quran is celebrated!

Journey of a lifetime- by Samina Rais (QI-2013)

Me and my husband applied for hajj 3 years back. Our names were selected and everything was ready but unfortunately something came up and we were unable to go. I was extremely upset and kept on thinking “but why?!” unable to see the hikmah of Allah behind it. After a few months we decided to go for Umrah but it got cancelled again , Qadr Allah. In the meanwhile I learnt through a friend about this course, and I decided to join. One of the subjects in the course was The Fiqh of Hajj and Umrah. While studying in the class, it was as if the Hikmah of not being able to go was revealed to me. Had I gone for Hajj without having the proper knowledge I would never have done it with perfection. By the time the book came to end, my eagerness to go for hajj increased and I told my husband no matter what I want to go for hajj this year! But by this time it was too late, no travel agent wanted to entertain us. I intensely prayed to Allah that “O Allah, I want to go for Hajj while the knowledge is fresh, if I don’t go now the moment will go and it won’t be the same!” It is said that our Rabb listens and answers our call positively if we call him with full khuloos. Out of the blue, one of travel agent accepted our application with all our terms and conditions.

The time arrived for my flight. I was very excited and was thanking Allah for this precious moment. As we started to take off severe pain in my chest started, it became so severe that I was not even able to breathe. Doctors in the plane gave me some medicine but it did not work. My heart and lips were doing Talbiyah and thinking that these are my last moments. As we landed on Jeddah Airport I was rushed to a hospital. I was crying with pain but knew that I have to endure with patience and not to complain. I knew that it was a big test from my Creator. All Thanks to Allah after few hour they discharged me and not only did I skipped the long immigration lines, my Hajj later on also became easy and sahl for me.

Then came the time to see the most beautiful thing on earth i.e The Kaaba. No doubt that one can’t stop looking at it. I was extremely happy but the thing that made me cry was people were coming without any knowledge about how to do hajj. As we went from India our group was with different mashab, they were telling people to perform Hajj in a totally different manner from what we have learned. There was a time that I got confused about who is right but I stayed firm on what I had learned and as it was based on Quran and Sunnah only.

After Umrah we went to Mina immediately, the tent was a test in itself, there were 80 women in one tent and the place for sleeping was so less that we could hardly move! On top of that the Air conditioner stopped working, the weather was already hot, it got unbearable! Here the tips of our teacher came in handy, I did not waste any time, in fact used this time to teach people the morning and evening adhkaar, silently thanking my teacher for equipping me well.

The next day we went to Arafaat, we were taught that the Waqoof is the essence of Hajj, we made sure to do the wuqoof while standing; only taking small breaks for relaxing. Here too it was surprising to see people wasting their time, it almost looked like a huge picnic! We tried to go to a distance to see in perspective how the Maidan e Hashar would look when we will be gathered in Akhirah but the imagination was hard to inculcate due to the tents and the party atmosphere.

Luckily we reached Muzdalfa pretty early, by this time we were so tired that we prayed and on slept the most peaceful sleep on the roadside SubhanAllah! Coming back to Mina the next day we slaughtered our animals, men got their head shaved. We did Tawaaf e Ziara and then Jamaraat , which was also an experience one of a kind. By this time I was developing fever again and came back on a wheel chair.

The last day in Kaaba is impossible to pen down, the heart did not want to leave and the tears came trickling down. My life was focused on Kaaba and in Haram the aim was to do as much Tawaf as possible. I tried to capture Kaaba in my mind from every angle possible. The experience of Hajj not only taught me absolute Tawakal in Allah, but also taught me that no matter how hard things seem to be there is khair and hikmah in them that we mortals don’t understand. I hope and pray that everyone gets a chance to visit the most beautiful place on earth.

Behold! we gave the site, to Abraham, of the (Sacred) house, (Saying): “Associate not anything (in worship) with Me; and sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or stand up, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein In prayer).And proclaim the Pilgrimage among men: They will come to Thee on foot and (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep and distant mountain highways. (26,27 Surah Hajj)

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