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Welcome to Al Misbaah Students' Blog: Where Your Reflections Matter"

Welcome to Al Misbaah Students' Blog, an open sanctuary where your thoughts, reflections, and personal journey with the Quran find their voice. Here, we invite you to share the depth of your feelings, insights, and experiences as you engage with the sacred text.

This blog is your canvas—a space where every emotion, realization, and contemplation inspired by the Quran can be articulated freely and respectfully. We encourage you to pour your heart onto these digital pages, expressing what the Quran means to you personally.

Your contributions, whether profound or poignant, joyous or thought-provoking, are the threads that weave our collective tapestry of understanding and connection. Let this be a platform where your voice resonates, where your thoughts are cherished, and where your journey enriches the broader discourse on Quranic study.

Join us in this enlightened space, where your reflections find a home, your expressions are valued, and your journey with the Quran is celebrated!

Have I become Conscious? by Shireen Syed (QI- 2015)

Isn’t it that my life,

Starts with Azan and

Ends with Janaza

Is my heart empty?

Does my prayer calm me down?

Have I become conscious of my prayer?

 When I stand for prayer,

Am I reminded of standing,

Before King of kings

Is my Lord answering me?

When I bow down,

Do I feel light on my shoulders?

When I do Sujood

How correct is my posture?

Do I take my time in Sajdah?

How much relief does it give me?

Am I remembering Satan in the corner,

Standing and crying at my Sujood

I seek only and only one thing,

Am I close to my Lord

That is what I for pray again and again

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