My journey

Fatimah Gomez
Bismillahi Ar rahman Ar rahim…

I am from Colombia and I was brought up as a Catholic, my family, as most of my country are    not religious, being religious has a negative connotation as a matter of fact, people are supposed to have god in the heart, and I say ”god” not God because whoever knows a attribute of Allah Subhannahu Wa ta’la   couldn’t say such a statement…) in my culture as most of the west,  a person is supposed to be modern   and religiousness is not an attribute that is praised.

when I graduated from high school I went to study in United States where I had my first contact with muslims, It called my attention how some muslims are really different from the common folk just for the sake of Deen, I always thought ”religious” people to have double moral but when a muslim believes with his heart, its like a light in the darkness it radiates light and the people who live in darkness can benefit from it.
I felt amazed that there is people who pray 5 times a day (that sounded like a lot to me before) and they just do what their religion tells them to do, eat what their book tells them to eat, and dress like their religion tells them to dress. Now that I became part of the Ummah I realize how important is the way we come across others in order to give Dawah, because when  a non-muslim sees the commitment of the muslims towards their Lord, it makes them think: ”maybe this is the way”
Initially it was Tawheed that brought me to Islam, and then every single aspect of the Deen of Allah reassured me that this is the only way to success.
By the grace of Allah  I could come to Dubai  after 4 years, to live between muslims where I experienced the power of  Jama’a.
Every year during school time and university we used to do a life project and divide it by aspects, spiritual aspect, professional aspect, personal aspect,  I remember how long were my professional aspect goal list and the personal one as well and I remember how short and neglected it was my spiritual aspect goal list. But in Islam all the aspects of our lives, including community aspects like politics or social relations are all part of Islam, there is no division between the spiritual aspect and the rest and that is something I try to convey to non muslims today, we muslims not only pray 5 times a day to fulfill our religions obligations but we dress like Islam tells us to , we eat as Islam tells us to eat, we talk, we sleep, we behave as Islam tells us to behave, our whole being and  our ideologies, concepts, perceptions should all be according to the Quran and the Sunnah, that makes the difference between us and the non-muslims and that gives us, with the permission of Allah, if He wills, the distinction mark that help us to convey this message to those around us.  but if we take our religion as just something we do to fulfill only the spiritual aspect but our ideas and concepts and our dress code etc are not according to what the Deen of Allah says, then we are pretty much like the non believer so what is the difference then?
We call God Allah and they call him in so many ways, we pray in a masjid they do it in a church or in a synagogue, or in a temple, so the secret, in my opinion, is not ONLY on how we pray and how we fast, because that’s there and we should not be praised by what Allah commanded us to do, it is an order that should be obeyed anyway, but the secret lies on truly living as a muslim and to achieve the character of the Prophets, the Sahabas and the righteous ones, may Allah make us of those who live as real muslims. Ameen
Throughout the history,  the muslims who had achieved to be representatives of Quran on earth through their behaviour, have had the ability with the permission of Allah almighty, to attract the non-muslim, in a way that is soft towards Islam and to terrify the  stubborn enemy of Allah, sowhen a person like that, gives Dawah it is more positive and benficial.
  And may Allah makes us of those who represent Quran on earth.
 Islam  has changed me in many ways, one of the things that I used fear most to the point that I couldn’t talk about it was death, it terrified me to think that one day this life is going to be over and what about all what I built during my life? A lhamdulillah for the nay’mah of Islam, and Alhamdulillah because we have a clear picture of what’s to come, we all are going to die so we should make sure that our death is for the sake of our Lord, the most High.
Today, my goals and my targets are not the same as the past years. , I wanted to achieve a top position in Dunia, but today Alhamdulillah by the mercy of Allah, through his Book, I have realized that the Success lies on getting to Jannah NO MATTER WHAT IT REQUIRES FOR US TO SACRIFICE IN THIS WORLD, you name it, position, name, status, wealth, etc. IT IS ALL WORTH IT–FOR JANNAH
The reason behind marriage and being a mother, changes too, before I dreamt, as most of the women, to get a nice husband cute children and a beautiful home, but today my husband is the key to Jannah and if Allah grants me children, they would be my sadaqa tun Jariah, Inshallah.
The purpose of a muslim should not be to obtain Dunya, but to use this Dunya, to attain Jannah.
and may The Most Merciful, make us of those who attain the highest place in Jannah. AMEEN

How I Left The Hijab


Everybody tells the story of how they wore the hijab, let me tell you all how- I LEFT the hijab!
I had always been inclined towards Deen a bit but when it was coupled up with a Daura e Quran and the right sort of friends, I had the courage to take up the hijab.

I was the first one to ‘cover up’ in my family and that too, at the age of 18..!! Everyone thought I was going a bit over board, limited knowledge of Islam but such strictness on hijab!!!??

It was not making sense….!! I had some issues in life also to which the answer was a lot of sujood and covering up. Then came the whole ordeal of marriage proposals. I refused to take off my hijab for the people coming to see me, and during that time came a proposal !
14th July’2002 The last day of Reality Touch summer course, my diary preserves my statement.. “O, Allah I am expecting the best from You! What is coming my way seems to be the best, what is beneath expressions- I don’t know..!!”
What came my way was Alhamdulillah the best thing that happened to me  which brought me to where I am today, but there was a whole pattern in it for me to realize the need for taufeeq in our life!
I got engaged, happy and giddy the feeling blew me away, left behind were all my friends and also– my deen!

My husband’s family believes in giving freedom of choice and that worked out fine for me, leaving or wearing the hijab was entirely my choice.
With the hijab now gone,  came such deviation that praying became a rare event! Kids and family then took over my life and Deen was put in a velvet cover on a shelf with my Quran for the ‘moments of need’!
Now that I think back it scares me to death… If it could happen to me then it can happen to me now… I wonder how did I go wrong!! It came to dance parties and sleeveless clothes! Was I not thinking? I had the knowledge, if not of advance level but the basic one, I knew the right from wrong and there is no one to blame but my ownself…

How did I let myself be satisfied with one Daura-e- Quran?!! It was supposed to be a journey of life, how did this all happen… And now that I recollect it comes back to three things: being without Quran, being without a support group, and slow elimination of simple good deeds from my life!
Little things like azkaar before sleeping, eating, etc. Now that I think of it, they make so much of a difference. They work like our spiritual immune system, feeding to our strength!
And Quran… It is the only source that brings us back to track. There ‘IS’ no strength other than the divine one!
Alhamdulillah Allah gave me another chance but are we sure that we’ll be so lucky the next time?
There is no chances to take and no time to lose. The power is of here and now and Alhamdulillah for that!

The First Day of My Life…

 By Jannah



Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 

In order to understand why I embraced Islam, you need to know some details about my life background…

How was my life before Islam?

I was born in France in a Christian family in Toulouse, South West of France in 1985. At the age of five, I witnessed my parents’ divorce. It was decided that my mother would take care of me as I was a lonely child.  However, I kept visiting my father, sometimes traveling for more than 600kms, almost on my own. Due to such experiences, I never learnt anything else than to be a courageous girl who could face the struggle of life on her own and make her parents proud. I grew up and eventually became what my parents wanted for me: I graduated from a Parisian Business School, studied Japanese language, acquired a position of marketing manager for a well-known company and travelled all over the world! Despite all that I was achieving, I remember never feeling satisfied… Something was clearly missing in my life.

All “my successes” were pushing me to go forward and I guess with each passing day I was trying to fulfill the need of self-recognition.  But deep down in my heart, I remained extremely affected by my challenged childhood and I knew that I was not entirely myself. I was just trying to fit into the image my family and the people around me wanted me to have. I always have been a very shy person. I used to blush for no reason and be the quiet one but I changed myself, because in the world where I was living, this image was not popular enough.

How did I discover to Islam?

Even though I was a Christian, faith was not part of my life and I never looked at any religion with interest. I never realized that this was the reason of my unwell-being. In 2007, I accepted a two years mission in Dubai and this is when the interest for Islam grew in my heart. Initially, I had very little time to spare for research about Islam as my work required a lot of time and dedication. However, Islam did seem very attractive because I could now witness with my own eyes that all that I had been told in France about Muslims was wrong. The smile on the Muslim ladies’ faces and their peaceful walk towards the prayer room… I never thought that Muslims could pray and yet still have time to shop, socialize and have a life with all its normal routines. The reality was in front of my eyes now but my heart was still not affected…

But one day, the call of the Athan moved my heart so strongly that I felt like losing the armor that I always tried to tie around me. I could not lie to myself again… I decided to be “ME”.

I called the only Muslim friend I had and ask her about a place where I could learn about Islam. I was directed to join a class on Friday morning in Karama mosque. On entering the mosque, I found a group of Filipino girls sitting around an elderly sister. All of them welcomed me so warmly that I immediately felt at peace. I quickly realized that all of the sisters there had humble conditions, most of them working as maids. One of them gave me a two hour lecture that, to be honest, I did not understand at all. I remained patient, sitting in front of her and observing the movements of her lips trying to get the meaning of her words.

She finally asked me if I wanted to become Muslim, and my answer was straight forward: “YES!” Only Allah knows why I took this decision… I would be happy to say because the 5 pillars of Islam made sense to me but it wasn’t that… I guess my destiny was to become Muslim on that same day.  Allahu Akbar!

After pronouncing my shahada, tears ran down my face and all the sisters came to hug me… I’ll never forget this day which remains embedded in my heart, as if it was the first day of my life.

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  1. subhaan Allah Jannah…may Allah bless you and like sister Rayaan said may you be among the reciters of Jannah…you have given our whole class such a new energy..!! may Allah give you barakah in your imaan and give us the opertunity to grow with u….!!
    Masha Allah la quwata illah billa.